Notice board

Hi Everyone,
After years of excellent service as “Snowletter” editor, Warren Bills has gone into retirement. Thanks a lot Warren and we now expect to see you regularly at the lodge!!
In the meantime I will be attempting to keep you up to date with Ski Club information.
Coronet Peak is due to open on 16th June. Snow conditions are looking great and more is forecast in the next few days. Keep up to date with snow and road conditions on
Joel Lodge will open on 15th June. We have a new door code so make sure you email me before you decide to come up!!


1. Catering will begin on the weekend of 7/8 July and the last catered weekend will be 22/23 Sept.
2. Ski Week 1 is Sunday 8 July – Saturday 14 July, Ski Week 2 is Sunday 15 July – Saturday 21 July
3. Club Weekend is 28/29 July followed by club week which finishes on Friday 3 August.
Once again we have a significant number of school groups staying both during the week and during weekends.


It is important you contact me by Tuesday night during the catered part of the winter as food has to be ordered and collected from Queenstown. Please also message or phone me for midweek accommodation. Numbers are already looking high for this season and we are close to capacity on some dates. Get in early!!!


When arriving please look at the sign in board as I may have already allocated you a bed. Tick the box to show you have arrived and fill in your bed number if not already allocated.


Marcel has designed a name label system for the food cubby holes. So put your food into an empty slot and then write your name onto a label and display it. This is to avoid food being left with us having no idea who it belongs to. Please make sure you clear out your food when you leave. We will have a free food slot which you can place good food which may be of use to other. Food in unnamed cubby holes will be disposed of!!
There will also be sticky labels so you can name your food in the fridge and freezer. Please remember the fridge for members to use is in the Laundry, the kitchen fridge is for groups and club food. Thank you.
Please try and take all your gear with you, we seem to get more and more each year. Please check and re check as it is very time consuming looking for lost gear and trying to organise getting it back. Thanks again.


Last season worked really well so thanks everyone.
Everybody MUST obtain an invoice on the day of their departure and if possible pay at that time.
The best method of payment for the club is internet banking but if you pay by cash or cheque please make sure your invoice is marked PAID.
When making an internet payment please ensure you complete the detail fields as follows
1. Family name
2. Reason for payment – either
a. Accom – for accommodation
b. Subs – if paying for membership
c. Other – please put a description of what you are paying for
All payments should MUST be paid within two weeks of your stay.

Winter season 2018 has begun with record early season snow falls and lots more forecast. Conditions are fantastic, Joel Lodge awaits you.
See you soon

Can anyone help?

Lewis Barton is a ski instructor from Remarkables and is a collector of badges and books re NZ skiing and would be grateful for any contributions anyone may have lying around that they don’t want. His tel is 64 22 038 1122 email