“membership has its perks”

It’s easy to join the Otago Ski Club – and doing so will reduce the amount that you need to pay if you stay at Joel Lodge.

Fill in our online form and join today.

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Once you have completed your application and you become a member of the Otago Ski Club, you will be able to stay at Joel Lodge for substantially less than the non-member rate, introduce your family to alpine recreation in a friendly environment, and be part of an awesome club committed to making your membership fun!

Annual Membership Fees

Working MembershipFinancial Membership
JuniorN/A$45Age 7-16 in year of application or still at school
StudentN/A$45Full time tertiary education (proof required)
Family$150$350Both spouses and children in the junior category
Couple$130$330Adult couple at the same address

There is a one off joining fee of $25 when joining for the first time.  This is also payable if you do not pay your membership fee during the renewal period as the membership is reset on 1 June each year.

For the 2023 year, new members are given a choice of two levels of membership with different fees to reflect the their expected contribution.

Working Member – with this membership you will be expected to contribute to the club by attending work parties at the start or end of the winter season (or make other arrangements to contribute if the dates do not suit), being on the committee, or providing some other form of service that you feel you can offer the club.
Financial Member – membership of the club but without the expectation of being able to
contribute your time (unless you want to). The extra amount you pay will go towards funding jobs to be done.

The split between the memberships is designed to reflect that the club runs on the work done by members. It was originally built by member work parties. The club want to encourage participation and contribution as much as possible, but we also want to recognise that time is at a premium these days, and for some it is easier to make an additional financial commitment rather than a time one.

Junior and student prices will stay at $45 as we appreciate that they mostly cannot contribute to working bees or the committee without parental involvement.

It is an ‘honour’ system, and we appreciate that sometimes plan change and you can’t make a planned working party, or sometimes members might help more in one year and less in another. If you are unsure about where you stand please feel free to have a chat to anyone in the committee, or the caretakers, about it.