ski weeks

“Learn with others”

The Ski Week is for children between 9 and 18 years of age, who currently attend school and is not restricted to participants from the Otago region.
The Ski Week is run by the Otago Ski Club and NZSki, with six hut parents supervising the children during their stay in the lodge. Each day the children attend ski/boarding lessons run by NZSki who have classes for beginners through to advanced skiers/boarders. 


Skiweek Update

No registrations aren’t open quite yet 😞
Though we hope once we get the information from NZSKI we can have registrations open soon after that. 🤗

We will aim to put the information on the Facebook page Otago Ski Club, this website and via email at the same time. So please keep an eye out. I suspect it will be towards the end of March possibly even the beginning of April.

registrations for week 1 may require me to put people on a wait list.
Please get your registration in early. Fully paid up members and those that pay their deposit ( after their place is confirmed) will have a place confirmed. Those that go on the wait list will need to wait until later for me to confirm placings you will be informed of this and do not need to pay the deposit.
To secure your place the deposit and membership must be paid promptly or the place may go to those on the waiting list.
We often have space on week 2 so being flexible is often a way to get you onto a ski week.

It may well require some juggling with numbers and this can not be done immediately though I am always happy to answer any enquiries you may have.

The requirements for hut parents are you will need to be a fully paid up member.
Preference will go to those that have a season pass, do not want to ski, or do not require lessons. Past experience is great but not essential. Having children on ski week is also great but again not essential to you becoming a hut parent.

The final selection for hut parents will potentially be sometime in May even early June

Last but not least please please advertise ski weeks. Put the poster on Facebook, Instagram, your school and local shop. Spread the news about this amazing opportunity for snowboarders and skiers.