These guidelines apply to all members, non members, school groups and skiweeks.
The Otago Ski Club will be adhering to the Ministry of Health guidelines, relevant at any
particular time. Therefore, the conditions under which you stay at Joel Lodge may vary, because
of this.
Please abide by the directions of the Caretakers.
It is an individual’s responsibility to provide their own personal protection, eg face masks
In the interests of yourself, your whanau and others staying at the Lodge, Please do NOT come
You are feeling unwell
Have symptoms, such as a cough, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, or shortness of

Please be considerate and respect others..
The Caretakers have the right to refuse entry to anyone they suspect of being unwell.

The Lodge does not have the isolation facilities to accommodate people who test
positive for COVID, so we strongly recommend that you have a plan in place for
evacuating the premises as quickly as possible, preferably the same day.
School groups… please make your own arrangements for the person to be removed as
quickly as possible.

If your child is attending skiweeks, it will be the parent or guardian’s responsibility to
collect the child as quickly as possible… preferably the same day. The hut parents will
not be able to evacuate your child, as they then become a COVID risk, and will have to
discontinue their essential role at the Lodge.

Please be aware, that If there is a major outbreak of COVID at the Lodge, there is a
strong possibility that the Lodge may have to close. If this decision affects you, then you
will be notified. Please be prepared for this.